“Raptor 1” Visits TBRPC

On October 14th, the Manatee County’s EMS mass casualty response bus “Raptor 1” made an appearance at the TBRPC.  District Chief Keith Lock gave a presentation on Raptor 1 during the regular council meeting. Manatee County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is an operating division within the Manatee County Government Department of Public Safety. The EMS Division since 1972, delivers treatment and transportation in Manatee County using traditional ambulance equipment only. During this forty-seven (47) year history and due to recent needs within the community and surrounding counties, a new innovative service delivery/transportation method is necessary and available. This new innovative concept is repurposing/retrofitting heavy-duty transit coaches that have reached the end of their useful life (i.e., for public transportation purposes), to provide multi-person casualty transport units. Raptor 1 was recognized in the Community Preparedness category of the Future of the Region Award. Chief Lock provided a guided tour of Raptor 1 following his presentation.

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