Council Leadership

Convening the Region

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council is governed by elected county and municipal representatives, gubernatorial appointees, and non-voting ex-officios representing state and regional agencies. The Council serves as a forum for the coordination and review of planning and development activities that affect the six-county region.

2023 Officers & Council Members

Mayor Woody Brown

Temporarily Vacant

Vice Mayor Maureen Freaney

Brandi Gabbard

Councilwoman Brandi Gabbard

Peter Altman, CouncilmanCity of New Port Richey
Thomas Barnhorn, CouncilorCity of Seminole
Rebecca Bays, CommissionerCitrus County
Scott Black, CommissionerCity of Dade City
Sandra Bradbury, MayorCity of Pinellas Park
Ann-Marie Brooks, CommissionerCity of Madeira Beach
Alan Clendenin, CouncilmanCity of Tampa
Harry Cohen, CommissionerHillsborough County
Tamara Cornwell, CommissionerCity of Palmetto
Jacob Cremer, Gubernatorial AppointeeHillsborough County
Alison Fernandez, Council MemberCity of Temple Terrace
Rene Flowers, CommissionerPinellas County
Ward Friszolowski, CommissionerCity of St. Pete Beach
Brian Hawkins, CommissionerHernando County
Jason Jones, CommissionerCity of Plant City
Andrew Knapp, Council MemberCity of Oldsmar
Craig Lunt, Vice MayorCity of Tarpon Springs
Jack Mariano, CommissionerPasco County
Clifford Merz, CommissionerCity of Safety Harbor
Lisa Gonzalez Moore, CouncilwomanCity of Bradenton
Ian O’Hara, CouncilmanCity of Gulfport
Frank Rygiel, Gubernatorial AppointeePasco County
Lina Teixeira, CouncilwomanCity of Clearwater
Lynda Thompson, CommissionerCity of South Pasadena
Raymond Turner, CommissionerManatee County
Barbara Sheen Todd, Gubernatorial AppointeePinellas County
Kelley BoatwrightDept. of Environmental Protection
Waddah FarahDept. of Transportation
VacantSouthwest Florida Water Management District

Committee Assignments

The Executive Budget Committee has automatic membership from each of the six counties and Council officers and three Chair appointees. This Committee has the responsibility for the preparation of the annual budget and all amendments thereto. Meeting are held in February, April, June, August, October, and December.

2023 Executive Budget Committee Members:

  • Mayor Woody Brown, Acting Chair
  • Commissioner Maureen “Moe” Freaney, Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Councilwoman Brandi Gabbard, Past Chair
  • Commissioner Rebecca Bays
  • Commissioner Harry Cohen
  • Commissioner Rene Flowers
  • Commissioner Brian Hawkins
  • Commissioner Jack Mariano
  • Councilwoman Lisa Gonzales Moore
  • Gubernatorial Appointee Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd


The Nominating Committee is comprised of five board members who review candidates for the annual TBRPC Slate of Officers. The Nominating Committee meets once annually and makes their recommendation for the Slate of Officers to the full Council for consideration at the November meeting. The Installation of Officers follows in December of each year at the Annual Meeting.

2023 Nominating Committee Members:

  • Mayor Sandra Bradbury, Chair
  • Commissioner Ward Friszolowski, Vice Chair
  • Commissioner Scott Black
  • Commissioner Jason Jones
  • Gubernatorial Appointee Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd


The Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition was officially formed in October 2018 to regionally address sea level rise, climate change, and resiliency in Tampa Bay. Original membership is comprised of five counties and 23 municipalities. Read the Resiliency Coalition Memorandum of Understanding. The Steering Committee is comprised of elected officials from throughout the Tampa Bay region who serve as the leadership board for this important initiative. Meetings are held immediately following TBRPC Full Council meetings.

2023 Steering Committee Members:

  • Commissioner Woody Brown, Chair
  • Councilman Peter Altman, Vice Chair
  • Commissioner Rebecca Bays
  • Commissioner Harry Cohen
  • Commissioner Maureen “Moe” Freaney
  • Commissioner Ward Friszolowski
  • Councilwoman Brandi Gabbard
  • Commissioner Brian Hawkins
  • Commissioner Jack Mariano
  • Commissioner April Thanos
  • Gubernatorial Appointee Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd


The Agency on Bay Management (ABM) is the Natural Resources Committee of the TBRPC, focusing on the protection and management of the Tampa Bay estuary. The ABM provides a broad-based forum for open discussion of the issues and opportunities involving the estuary and its watershed. Considered the “Voice of Tampa Bay,” the ABM is made up of nearly 50 representatives from the recreational, commercial, industrial, regulatory, academic and scientific sectors as well as local, regional, state and federal governments and legislators. Meeting are held bi-monthly on the second Thursday of the month.

2023 ABM Committee Members:

  • Gubernatorial Appointee Barbara Sheen Todd, Chair
  • Mayor Woody Brown, Vice Chair
  • Councilman Peter Altman
  • Councilwoman Alison Fernandez
  • Vice Mayor Carlos Diaz
  • Commissioner Mary Beth Wetzel
  • Council Member Andrew Knapp
  • Vice Mayor Thomas Reid


This Committee serves as TBRPC’s representative on the Policy Board of the Florida Regional Councils Association (FRCA). Regular membership is to include one County, one City and one Gubernatorial member. Meetings are held twice annually.

2023 FRCA Policy Board Committee Members:

  • Gubernatorial Appointee Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd
  • Councilwoman Brandi Gabbard


  • Commissioner Jack Mariano
  • Commissioner Scott Black


2023 Regional Cooperative Alliance 501(C)3 Committee Members:

  • Councilwoman Brandi Gabbard, President
  • Mayor Woody Brown, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Commissioner Jack Mariano, Past President
  • Commissioner Rebecca Bays
  • Commissioner Harry Cohen
  • Commissioner Rene Flowers
  • Commissioner Brian Hawkins
  • Commissioner Jack Mariano
  • Gubernatorial Appointee Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd
  • Private Sector: Tony Rodriguez, MacDill AFB, Community Planner
  • Private Sector: Mr. David Bennett, CEO, Pinellas & Pasco Realtor Organization, Virgin Islands Territorial Association of Realtors


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