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MacDill Military Installation Resiliency ReportMay 23, 2024resiliency-planning
Clean Air Tampa Bay Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP)April 2, 2024environmental-planning resiliency-planning tampa-bay-regional-planning-council
Resilient Ready Tampa BayMay 18, 2023environmental-planning resiliency-planning
CCMP Crosswalk and Model Language GuidebookMay 18, 2023environmental-planning resiliency-planning
Clear Sky Tampa Bay: A Resilience-Based Siting Toolkit for Solar+StorageMay 18, 2023environmental-planning resiliency-planning
Previously Funded Stormwater Education ProjectsMay 18, 2023environmental-planning stormwater-education
Stormwater Education MaterialsApril 22, 2023environmental-planning stormwater-education
Hurricane – Evacuate or Stay, SpanishApril 22, 2023emergency-preparedness
Hurricane – Evacuate or Stay, EnglishApril 22, 2023emergency-preparedness
About the LEPCApril 22, 2023emergency-preparedness lepc
Green Guide for HomeownersApril 22, 2023environmental-planning
All Hazards Guide for Businesses Planning for RisksApril 20, 2023emergency-preparedness lepc
TBRPC Annual Reports (2014-2021)April 20, 2023tampa-bay-regional-planning-council
Model Shoreline Ordinance TemplateNovember 12, 2022environmental-planning resiliency-planning
Tampa Bay Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)October 10, 2022economic-development
Tampa Bay Economic Development District CARES Act ReportSeptember 2, 2022economic-development
Largo Health and Wellness Campus Strategic PlanMay 22, 2022technical-assistance
An Industrial Land Strategy for Pasco CountyMay 2, 2022economic-development technical-assistance
TBRPC Regulatory Plan, 2022-2023April 22, 2022tampa-bay-regional-planning-council
Visualizing Development Strategies for Highway U.S. 19 in Pasco CountyApril 22, 2022economic-development technical-assistance
LEPC Membership Roster – updated 8/1/2022April 22, 2022emergency-preparedness lepc
Taking Stock Climate Driven Heat Impacts on the Tampa Bay Regional Economic Through 2060, TBRPCNovember 1, 2021economic-development resiliency-planning
Pinellas County Small Business ProfileAugust 13, 2021economic-development
LEPC HAZMAT PlanJune 1, 2021lepc
Rivergate-Palm District Conceptual Master PlanApril 22, 2021economic-development technical-assistance
Business Continuity Planning Presentation, TBRPCApril 20, 2021emergency-preparedness lepc
Zephyrhills, Florida Aviation Cluster StudyMarch 15, 2021economic-development
COVID-19 Pandemic Tampa Bay Area Preliminary Economic Impact AssessmentApril 20, 2020economic-development
Resilient Tampa Bay: Transportation Pilot Program ProjectNovember 30, 2019economic-development resiliency-planning
CSAP SLR 2019 – Recommended Projections of Sea Level Rise in the Tampa Bay RegionNovember 1, 2019resiliency-planning
Suncoast Parkway 2 Transportation Corridor Land Use StudyMay 29, 2019economic-development technical-assistance
TBRPC Initiatives PlanApril 20, 2019tampa-bay-regional-planning-council
Florida State Fair Market Segmentation and Economic Impact AnalysisApril 15, 2019economic-development
Tampa Interstate Study, TBRPCSeptember 20, 2018economic-development
Tampa Interstate Study Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, Economic and Fiscal Impact AnalysisSeptember 20, 2018economic-development
Citrus County Strategy Toward Economic Progress (STEP) Target Industries AnalysisJune 6, 2018economic-development
Economic Ripple Effects of Florida Red TideApril 20, 2018economic-development environmental-planning
Coast to Coast Trail Economic Impact StudyMay 15, 2017economic-development
St. Petersburg Computer Manufacturing Firm Retention Economic Impacts in Pinellas CountyDecember 8, 2016economic-development
Pasco Existing Industry Survey Economic AnalysisOctober 31, 2016economic-development
Pasco Connected Cities Corridor Economic ImpactsOctober 24, 2016economic-development
Project Accuform Economic Impacts in Pasco CountyJune 30, 2016economic-development
Mitchell Ranch Economic Impacts in Pasco CountyJune 7, 2016economic-development
REMUS Scenarios Economic Impacts in Pasco CountyMay 10, 2016economic-development
Project E-Telequote Economic Impacts in Hernando CountyApril 21, 2016economic-development
SERC LEPC PoliciesApril 20, 2016emergency-preparedness lepc
Hernando County School District Economic Impact StudyApril 20, 2016economic-development
Pasco EDC Activity 5 Year Report (2011 2015)April 11, 2016economic-development
Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Council ActivityApril 20, 2015economic-development
Medical Manufacturing Analysis, TBRPC, SWFRPC, EDAApril 20, 2015economic-development
Florida Strawberry Festival Economic Impact StudyApril 20, 2015economic-development
Economic Valuation of the Tampa Bay EstuaryApril 20, 2014economic-development environmental-planning
Florida Energy Resiliency ReportApril 20, 2013economic-development environmental-planning resiliency-planning
Tampa Bay Disaster Resiliency StudyNovember 30, 2011emergency-preparedness resiliency-planning
Tampa Bay Manufacturing Supply Chain StudyApril 20, 2006economic-development
TBRPC Strategic Policy PlanApril 20, 2005tampa-bay-regional-planning-council
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