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Hazardous Materials Emergency Response & Compliance

Since 1988, TBRPC has facilitated the Tampa Bay Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). Federal and State law charges the LEPC with facilitating regional hazardous materials emergency response and compliance with hazardous materials reporting laws in the Tampa Bay region. The LEPC coordinates multi-jurisdictional full-scale, functional, or tabletop hazmat exercises annually. TBRPC is also responsible for assisting facilities to comply with the Florida Accidental Release Prevention and Risk Management Planning Act (ARP/RMP) of 1999.

2023 Tampa Bay LEPC Members Roster (Updated 8/1/22)

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The Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) grant program is a federal program that provides financial assistance to states and local governments to enhance their ability to prepare and respond to hazardous material incidents. The program is designed to improve the readiness and capabilities of emergency responders to prevent, mitigate, and respond to accidents involving hazardous materials. The grants can develop or enhance training programs, purchase response equipment and communication systems, update emergency response plans, and conduct exercises or drills. The program’s ultimate objective is to protect the public, emergency responders, and the environment from chemical releases and other hazardous materials incidents. Through this program, communities can better prepare and respond to hazardous material emergencies, reducing the potential impact on public health and safety, infrastructure, and the economy.

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