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Building a Resilient Tampa Bay, together.

In 2018, the Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition (TBRRC) formed to coordinate climate adaptation and mitigation activities across county lines, to advance local and regional responses to and preparations for economic and social disruption projected to result from sea-level rise, and to provide state and local agencies with access to technical assistance and support in addressing the effects of climate change. Read the Memorandum of Understanding.

The Steering Committee is comprised of elected officials from throughout the Tampa Bay region who serve as the leadership board for this important initiative. Meetings are held immediately following TBRPC Full Council meetings.

Steering Committee Meeting Materials

Steering Committee Meeting – October 9, 2023October 5, 2023
Steering Committee Meeting – August 14, 2023August 14, 2023
3rd Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Leadership Summit – Agenda & PresentationsMay 5, 2023
2nd Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Leadership Summit – Agenda & PresentationsApril 26, 2023
1st Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Leadership Summit – Agenda & PresentationsApril 26, 2020
  • Commissioner: Woody Brown, Chair
  • Councilman: Peter Altman, Vice Chair
  • Commissioner: Vanessa Baugh
  • Commissioner: Rebecca Bays
  • Commissioner: Harry Cohen
  • Commissioner: Maureen “Moe” Freaney
  • Commissioner: Ward Friszolowski
  • Councilwoman: Brandi Gabbard
  • Commissioner: Brian Hawkins
  • Commissioner: Jack Mariano
  • Commissioner: April Thanos
  • Gubernatorial Appointee: Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd


The Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition (TBRRC) is working to increase collaboration on resilience planning to address extreme weather and climate risks. To learn more, read the Regional Resiliency Action Plan.

We invite companies, universities and non-profit organizations to become Resiliency Coalition Partners. Your knowledge and expertise are crucial, and your input is needed on a range of topics from community vulnerability, housing, energy resiliency, green infrastructure, to economics and business resiliency.

As a Resiliency Coalition Partner, your organization will be invited to meetings and webinars to discuss local risks, priorities, and strategies. You will be a part of important efforts which will advance resiliency planning, identify best practices, innovative policies and funding opportunities in our communities.

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