Energy Sustainability Survey

Dear Colleagues,

Your input is needed. We are conducting a survey of Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (TBRPC) local government members and Tampa Bay Regional Resilience Coalition (TBRRC) members to understand current plans and future goals for energy resilience and sustainability programs.

Please click on the button below to take the 7-10 minute survey.

Overview: The survey was developed by TBRPC staff with input from local government sustainability managers and members of the Clean Energy Workgroup of the Resiliency Coalition. The Workgroup is supporting efforts to develop regional objectives, strategies, and plans for increasing energy efficiency, fuel reduction, targeted clean energy goals, and innovative energy resilience projects.

Next Steps: The survey data will be aggregated and compiled into a report. We will hold virtual or in-person meetings to discuss the findings and get more input. The information and meetings will help define priorities for the Regional Action Plan across transportation, critical infrastructure and systems, affordable housing, and the community.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

Ben Siwinski,
Sr. Planner, Managing Director,
Resilience Coalition Clean Energy Workgroup Lead

CJ Reynolds,
Director of Resiliency & Engagement
Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council

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