Pinellas County Sustainability and Resiliency Initiatives

Pinellas County has established the overall goal of becoming more sustainable and resilient to current vulnerabilities and future environmental conditions, through both internal practices and external community services and impacts. Thus far, we have been successful in developing and initiating programs, projects, and policies to enhance environmental stewardship, implement green technologies, address and mitigate vulnerabilities, and plan for hazards. Of note is the recent creation of the county’s first Sustainability & Resiliency Coordinator position, the county’s leadership in the Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition, and an administrative directive to integrate resiliency into future capital improvement projects. The county is also creating its first Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan to ensure that we have a unified vision and framework across all governmental operations and programs.

Another new initiative, which parallels with the Clear Sky Tampa Bay project, is the creation of a new Energy and Water Conservation Program led by the Pinellas County Office of Asset Management. This program will help the County conduct analyses on energy efficiency investments, track performance, and assist with implementing new standards and procedures – including its recent creation of a GIS mapping tool to identify and targeting of the highest energy-consuming assets in the County. To add, the County is about to conduct its first GHG emissions inventory in 10 years to help set new goals and standards moving into the future.

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Clear Sky Tampa Bay Partnership

Participation in the Clear Sky Tampa Bay project will assist Pinellas County with the following:

  • Support upgrades and investments at existing county-owned buildings
  • Inform design and technological opportunities for new LEED-designated buildings
  • Conduct a solar feasibility study for facilities that support emergency operations and community sheltering needs.

Project Leads:

Hank Hodde, CFM, ENV SP
Sustainability and Resiliency Program Coordinator, County Administration

Karim Molina-Oyola, BSME, PMP
Energy and Water Conservation Program Coordinator, Office of Asset Management

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