Model Shoreline Ordinance Template

Uniform Model Ordinance Supports Local Shoreline Policy

While many jurisdictions have policy for seawalls or comp plans that encourage living shorelines, very few have language which recognizes the need to define an integrated continuum and hierarchy of coastal protection projects.

The TBRPC created a Resilient Shoreline Model Ordinance template to support local governments when they make updates to local plans and ordinances related to shoreline protection. The template was developed over two years with extensive input from stakeholders and experts in coastal engineering, marine construction, shoreline ecology, environmental resources management, flood plain management, climate science, land-use policy, permitting and real estate.

The new Resilient Shoreline Model Ordinance template is one the first of its kind in the state to define an integrated set of policies to ensure that all types of shoreline protection strategies are designed to be resilient to changing sea levels and tidally influenced flooding through 2070, using best practices. It also considers both community flood protection benefits and ecological integrity of coastal habitats and shorelines on bay waters and riverine systems.

Local governments may use the document and give consideration to adopting the model ordinance, or any of the recommendations found within the document at the discretion of their local government.

On October 25th, 2022, the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council held a webinar to rollout the new Resilient Shorelines Model Ordinance template. TBRPC staff and project team subcontractor Erin Deady, Deady PA reviewed the key sections of the ordinance and answered questions.

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