City of Largo Breaking Ground on Wastewater Resiliency Projects

The City of Largo has made major commitments to increasing the use of clean energy and is a Local Government Partner in the Clear Sky Tampa Bay project. “Evaluating the use of solar energy for critical facilities and community buildings requires a comprehensive analysis,” said Largo Mayor Woody Brown, “and this project will help support our goals.”

  • The City of Largo broke ground on a 13,187-square-foot wastewater treatment operations building in November 2019. It will be the City’s first building rated to survive winds from a Category 5 hurricane, and will be elevated 23.5 feet above sea level to protect from storm surge.
  • The City of Largo is dedicated to the health of our community and is committed to renewing our natural environment to ensure a sustainable Largo for generations. Explore the “Our Future Largo Sustainability Map” below, which highlights energy charging stations and energy savings projects.
  • The City of Largo is creating a Tri-City Special Area Plan to effectively coordinate land use and development within the identified planning area; the intersection of two primary corridors (US Highway 19 and Roosevelt Boulevard/East Bay Drive).


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