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Summit 2020 Sponsors’ Case Studies Showcase Innovative Services

We thank our Sponsors for their leadership!

These Case Studies were provided by our Sponsors.


Tampa Electric wanted to become cleaner, greener

By 2021, Tampa Electric will invest $850 million to add 6 million solar panels in 10 new photovoltaic solar projects. In total, Tampa Electric will install 600 MW of photovoltaic solar energy to its fleet, which is enough electricity to power more than 100,000 homes. When complete, about 7 percent of Tampa Electric’s energy generation will come from the sun – a higher percentage of solar than any other Florida utility.

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Peoples Gas is helping heavy-duty fleets to lower costs, reduce emissions and improve resiliency

Compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be used for trucks, buses and cruise ships instead of gasoline or diesel fuel to build sustainability and resiliency into operations. Fleets that run on natural gas have lower NOx and carbon emissions compared to diesel and gasoline and save up to 50 percent on fuel costs.

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AECOM: Working Together to Protect the City

Sea Level Rise Response Plan: City of Olympia, Washington

AECOM led a collaborative and jointly funded planning effort with the City of Olympia, Port of Olympia, and LOTT Clean Water Alliance to develop a Sea Level Rise Response Plan to protect the capitol city’s downtown area. Olympia (population 52,490) already experiences flooding from the Deschutes River and Puget Sound several times a year and sea level rise will dramatically increase Olympia’s flood risk. The downtown area is the social, cultural, historic, and economic core of the city and also contains a regional wastewater treatment facility and the Port of Olympia.

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