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Cara Woods Serra, AICP, CFM
Principal Resiliency Planner

Resilient Shorelines and Spaces Workgroup

The Resilient Shorelines Workgroup formed in October 2019 to address imminent changes and impacts to the economic and environmental value of shorelines as a result of sea level rise (SLR) and storm surge. The members include local government staff, federal and state agency experts, academic researchers, private consultants, environmental organizations, multi-jurisdictional organizations and brings together expertise in environmental ecology, shoreline engineering, permitting, policy and planning.

The purpose of the workgroup is to define data and information needs, and to develop recommendations and guidance documents for the Regional Resiliency Coalition to help local governments become more resilient to sea level rise, flooding, erosion, reduce wetland losses, and reduce impacts to water utilities.

Currently, the Workgroup is reviewing scientific data, engineering practices and policies related to shoreline protection. The group is assessing seawall design standards, policies and minimum heights for consideration to future sea level rise and will develop guidance on shoreline protection and adaption strategies to support community resiliency. This was identified as a priority by several members of the Resiliency Coalition Steering Committee. The Workgroup collects input from local governments and will develop a list of priorities to address such matters as seawall standards and policy, use of living shorelines, construction, green and open space, drainage, wetlands, environmental restoration, and the policies

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