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Staff Contact

Cara Woods Serra, AICP, CFM
Principal Resiliency Planner

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Regional Action Plan

The Regional Resiliency Action Plan is intended to serve as a guiding framework and provide a menu of best practices, which will be implemented locally and together as a region. TBRPC staff reviewed resiliency plans, recommendations and frameworks used around the country and state to identify promising practices that would work in our region. The TBRPC staff also received recommendations on best practices being implemented in region – so the plan builds on the priorities and work of member governments. The plan defines regional collaboration and actions that will enhance consistency in implementation across jurisdictions.


In October 2018, county and local government elected officials from throughout the Tampa Bay Region voted to sign a memorandum of agreement creating the Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition. The MOU calls for the creation of a Regional Action Plan with strategies for coordinated regional preparation for and adaption to a rapidly changing global environment. The MOU also calls for the plan to identify funding strategies at the local, state and federal levels for mitigation and adaptation actions to deal with those impacts.

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Outreach to create the RRAP was funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under Gulf of Mexico Program Grant No. MX -00D88619.