Regional Mitigation Assessment

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Staff Contacts

Ashley Mott
GIS Manager
(727) 570-5151 ext. 70

Cara Woods Serra
Comprehensive Resiliency Planner
(727) 570-5151 ext. 28

Project Overview

Through regional collaboration, the Regional Planning Councils seek to increase resilience across the state while amplifying and expanding on-going regional efforts and collaborative activities to advance mitigation and resilience planning on a regional scale and utilize this framework across Florida. This effort will result in 6 main project outcomes:

  • Future Extreme Rainfall Modeling
  • Mitigation Needs Assessment, Template and Mitigation Priority Areas and Project List
  • Small Area Mitigation Plans
  • Regional Resilience Exposure Tool(R2ET)
  • Interactive Best Practice Application Stakeholder Engagement

The RPCs will collaborate to provide a network of community partners setting forth a single consistent methodology for vulnerability, risk analysis, and assessments with reduced focus on county boundaries in order to identify potential multi-jurisdictional or multi-county solutions. This methodology benefits local jurisdictions with unique projects that could potentially solve multiple regional problem areas, i.e. flooding, by addressing unified projects that cross jurisdictional boundaries. The multi-regional collective approach will result in a highly successful innovative project allowing regions to work collaboratively with each other, widening the resilience framework to encompass multiple regions of the State and as such, engage hundreds of community partners, agencies, and stakeholders. The project also works to fill an identified gap in resilience efforts by focusing on the impacts of flooding hazards to the inland counties in Florida.

This project is funded by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity(DEO) Rebuild Florida Community Development Block Grant-Mitigation(CDBG-Mit)