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The Regional Planning Council is recognized a Florida’s only multipurpose regional entity that is in a position to plan for and coordinate intergovernmental solutions to growth-related problems on greater-than-local issues, provide technical assistance to local governments, and meet other needs of the communities in each region – Florida Statutes 186.502(4)1.

The following activities are among the mandated activities of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council:

  1. Developments of Regional Impact
  2. Intergovernmental Coordination and Review
  3. Local Government Comprehensive Plan Review
  4. Strategic Regional Policy Plan


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Staff Contact


Brian Ellis
Emergency Management Planner
(727) 570-5151 ext. 10

IC & R:

Maria Robles
Communications Planner
(727) 570-5151 ext. 11


Cara Woods Serra, AICP, CFM
Comprehensive Resiliency Planner
(727) 570-5151 ext. 28


Objectives and tasks associated with Regional Review include but are not limited to: 


A DRI is defined as any development which, because of its character, magnitude, or location, has a substantial effect upon the health, safety or welfare of citizens of more than one county. While the DRI process is essentially no longer applicable to new developments based on more recent legislation, some Developers of existing DRIs have elected to withdraw from the DRI process while others have decided to maintain such designation since they were often granted long-term approvals and exempt from various additional local reviews/approvals in the interim.


    • Coordinate with all relevant parties (local governments, state agencies, developers, etc.) concerning Developments of Regional Impact when requested to do so.


    • DRI Final Reports (when requested)
    • Development Order Reports
    • Notice of Proposed Change Reviews
    • Development Order Amendment Reports (when requested)
    • Annual Report Summaries
    • Technical Correspondence concerning process or substantive issues.

The STRATEGIC REGIONAL POLICY PLAN is a document comprised of regional goals and policies that are intended to assist local decision making on planning, development and growth issues in the Tampa Bay Region and to ensure protection of or limit impacts to Natural Resources of Regional Significance which were established/designated for the area.


The IC&R process is a federally-mandated program to notify state and elected officials about federal projects, programs and documents within their jurisdiction or of statewide significance which may affect them. State Executive Order 83-150 designated Florida’s ten Regional Planning Councils to serve as “regional clearinghouses” for the purpose of conducting reviews and evaluations of qualifying projects.


    • § Provide coordination mechanism for local governments of the Region to comment on development activities and programs which affect their communities.
    • Increase awareness of federal grant applications, and “other proposals” within the region.


    • Conduct reviews of the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s plans and programs pursuant to written agreement.
    • When warranted forward IC&R reports to appropriate parties and to Florida State Clearinghouse.

[ § – denotes a Council statutory responsibility]


Pursuant to the provisions of Florida’s Growth Management legislation, as contained in Chapter 163, Part II, FS and Chapter 9J-5, FAC, the Council is responsible for the review and comment of local government comprehensive plans and their amendments.  These reviews consist of ensuring that the comprehensive plans and their amendments are consistent with the Council’s adopted Strategic Regional Policy Plan, Future of the Region.


    • § Review of local government comprehensive plans and amendments consistent with Chapter 163.3184, FS.
    • § Review comprehensive plans and amendments with SRPP to ensure no adverse impacts on regionally significant resources or extra-jurisdictional impacts.

[ § – denotes a Council statutory responsibility]


Developments of Regional Impact

Large land development projects in Florida were previously required to undergo a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) review in order to identify their regional or multi-jurisdictional impacts. This statutory responsibility was removed by the state legislature in 2011. The Council has extensive experience coordinating identification of regional impacts.

Developments of Regional Impact

Intergovernmental Coordination & Review

The Intergovernmental Coordination and Review (IC&R) process is federally mandated under Executive Order #12372 to communicate with governments as early in the planning cycle as possible to explain specific plans, actions and proposals. The Regional Planning Council provides a forum and opportunity for local governments to express recommendations and/or comments to permitting or (where applicable) federal funding agencies. The Council conducts a review for impacts to regionally significant resources and/or extra-jurisdictional impacts. Reviews are forwarded to the Florida State Clearinghouse.

Intergovernmental coordination & review

Local Government Comprehensive Plan Review

The Regional Planning Council is required to ensure that local government comprehensive plans or amendments are consistent with its Strategic Regional Policy Plan. It must also ascertain whether the comprehensive plan or amendment’s impact upon identified regional resources or facilities or has potential extra-jurisdictional impacts. Should problems be identified, the Regional Planning Council can provide technical assistance to the local government in correcting the potential impact. The Council can also serve as an intermediary between the local government and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Local Government Comprehensive Plan Review

Florida’s Comprehensive
Planning Process

Strategic Regional Policy Plan