Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)

About DRI

A development of regional impact (DRI) is a large-scale development which affects more than one county; sometimes many jurisdictions.

DRI categories include:

  • Airports
  • Attractions
  • Hotels
  • Industrial plants and parks
  • Commercial developments
  • Residential developments
  • Multi- or mixed-use projects

Criteria which determine whether or not a project is of DRI scale are set by the State of Florida. They include a list of DRI thresholds.

Regional planning councils provide one-stop coordination of multi-agency DRI reviews. The Council’s job is to assess the proposed DRI project, incorporate input from various reviewing agencies, gather additional information and make recommendations on how the project should proceed for inclusion in the governing jurisdiction’s development order.

Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)

The Florida legislature modified the DRI rules and regulations as a result of the 2018 legislative session.  View the latest applicable DRI regulations here.