Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)

Development Orders

Number Name/County
1 Lonesome Mine/Brewster (see Hillsborough County Mines Consolidation/DRI #213)
2 Deerfield Village (see Meadow Pointe/DRI #211)
3 Imperial Land Corporation of Clearwater (withdrawn), Pinellas County
6 TECO Big Bend Oil Storage Tank, Hillsborough County
12 Gateway (withdrawn), City of St. Petersburg
14 Pinellas Parkside (fka Pinellas Park Shopping Center & Pinellas Square Mall), City of Pinellas Park
15 Wingate Creek Mine/Beker (denied), Manatee County
16 Tampa Bay Center / Buccaneers, City of Tampa
16 Tampa Bay Center / Jesuit High School, City of Tampa
17 Carrollwood Village, Hillsborough County
18 East Lake Woodlands (expired), Pinellas County
20 Ramblewood (withdrawn), Pinellas County
21 Suncoast Highlands (denied), Pasco County
23 Agrico Wet Rock Terminal (Agrico Storage Facilites/DRI #47)
24 Tarpon Lake Village, Pinellas County
26 Lake Padgett Pines (expired), Pasco County
27 Florida Power and Light Oil Storage, Manatee County
28 East Lake Square Shopping Mall, Hillsborough County
29 Regency Park Mall (fka Brandon Regional Shopping Center) (expired), Hillsborough County
31 Kingsford Mine (see Hillsborough County Mines Consolidation/DRI #213)
35 Bayonet Point Shopping Mall, Pasco County
37 Carriage Hill Mall (see Largo Mall/DRI #156)
38 Sugar Creek, Pasco County
39 Gulf View Square Mall (see Gulfview Square Mall S/D /DRI #215)
41 Bloomingdale, Hillsborough County
42 Wingate Creek Mine, Manatee County (see Wingate Creek Mine S/D / DRI #95)
43 Trout Creek (withdrawn), Pasco County
44 Harbor Ventures (abandoned), Manatee County
45 Spoonbill Bay, City of Bradenton
46 Sunset Lakes, Pasco County
47 Agrico Storage Facilities, Hillsborough County
48 Turtle Lakes (withdrawn), Pasco County
49 Phillips Phosphate Mine (withdrawn), Manatee County
50 Big Four Mine (Big Four Mine S/D /DRI #80)
51 Hillsborough Regional Service Center (expired), Hillsborough County
52 Four Courners Mine (see Four Corners Mine S/D #251 and/or Hills. Co. Mines Consolidation #213)
53 Port Sutton Petroleum Storage Facility (Eastern Petroleum Co., Inc.), Hillsborough County
54 Keentown Whidden Transmission Line, Manatee County
55 USF Mass Seating Facility, Hillsborough County & City of Tampa
56 Forest Lakes (see Forest Lakes S/D /DRI #111)
58 USF Bayboro Harbor Campus (expired), City of St. Petersburg
59 Apollo Beach (Phase 1), Hillsborough County
61 Duette Mine/Swift (withdrawn), Manatee County
62 Tampa Airport Runway Extension, City of Tampa
63 Quad Block Development, City of Tampa
64 Tampa Bay Park (Phase 1) (see Tampa Bay Park Phases II & III/DRI #83)
65 Tampa Palms, City of Tampa
66 Tara, Manatee County
67 Pointe West (see Summertree/DRI #90)
68 Gardinier Plant Expansion (see Cargill Riverview Facility/DRI #242)
69 Seddon Island (see Harbour Island/DRI #217)
70 The Lakes (abandoned), Pasco County
71 Tampa Financial Center, Hillsborough County
72 Busch Gardens (see Busch Gardens S/D / DRI #226)
73 Big Bend/U.S. Homes (now Summerfield Crossings), Hillsborough County
74 River Ridge (fka Pottberg), Pasco County
75 Seven Springs (expired), Pasco County
76 Gardinier Disposal Site, Hillsborough County
77 Heritage Pines (fka Beacon Villages & Timber Pines South), Pasco County
78 Tampa Downtown Development, City of Tampa
79 Beacon Woods East (see Beacon Woods East S/D /DRI #203)
80 Big Four Mine S/D, Hillsborough County
83 Tampa Bay Park (Phase II & III), city of Tampa
84 Westchase (fka Thomas Ranch), Hillsborough County
85 Lonesome Mine (see Hillsborough County Mines Consolidation/DRI #213)
86 Interstate Business Park, Hillsborought County
87 Urban Centre (abandoned), City of Tampa
88 Freedon Financial Center (expired), City of Tampa
89 Brandon Town Center (builtout), Hillsborough County
90 Summertree (abandoned), Pasco County
91 Salt Springs Run (abandoned), Pasco County & City of Port Richey
92 Park Place (fka Metro), City of Clearwater
93 Lake Brandon, Hillsborough County
94 TampaSphere, City of Tampa
95 Wingate Creek Mine S/D, Manatee County
96 Pioneer Center (see Bay Vista/DRI #174)
97 St. Petersburg Intown Areawide, City of St. Petersburg
98 Sabal Center, Hillsborough County
99 Pointe Alexis (fka Harbour Watch & Riverside Landing) (expired), City of Tarpon Springs
100 St. Petersburg Intown Stadium (expired), City of St. Petersburg
101 Arvida (fka Circle N Bar Ranch) (see Unnamed Exclusive Golf & Country Club/DRI
102 Creekwood, Manatee County
103 Cooper Creek, Manatee County
104 International Plaza, City of Tampa
105 Sunforest, Hillsborough County
106 Corporex, Hillsborough County
107 Tampa Bay Park of Commerce (see Tampa Bay Park of Commerce S/D / DRI #158)
108 Hidden River Corporate Park, City of Tampa
109 Island Center (expired), City of Tampa
110 Rocky Point Harbor (fka Babock), City of Tampa
111 Forest Lakes S/D, City of Oldsmar
112 Colonial Penn (see Fountain Square/DRI #227)
113 One Metro Center (fka Lake Tower Place & Metropolitan) (expired), City of Tampa
114 State Street Florida (fka GTE 64), City of Temple Terrace
115 Woodland Corporate Center, Hillsborough County
116 Tampa Telecom Park (fka GTE 326), City of Temple Terrace
117 One Pasco Center (abandoned), Pasco County
118 Tampa Cruise Ship Terminal, City of Tampa
119 Northwood, Pasco County
120 Kingsford Mine S/D (see Hillsborough County Mines Consolidation/DRI #213)
121 Carillon, City of St. Petersburg
122 Lifsey/Rocky Point (abandoned), City of Tampa
123 Bay Area Outlet Mall, City of Largo
124 Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (expired), Manatee & Sarasota Counites & Sarasota City
127 Bayonet Point Mall (abandoned), Pasco County
129 Seven Oaks (fka Saddlebrook Village), Pasco County
130 Cypress Banks, Manatee County
131 Regency Park North, Hillsborough County
132 Gateway Centre, City of Pinellas Park
132 Gateway Centre, City of St. Petersburg
133 Harbour Island Phase II (see Harbour Island/DRI #217)
134 Harbourage at Bayboro (expired), City of St. Petersburg
135 Cypress Lakes, City of Oldsmar
139 Tampa Technology Park, City of Tampa
140 Tampa Triangle, Hillsborough County
141 Westshore Areawide, City of Tampa
142 Highland Park, City of Tampa
144 Sunway, Hillsborough County
145 Southbend, Hillsborough County
146 Oak Creek, Hillsborough County
147 Hunter’s Green FQD, City of Tampa (FQD #1)
148 The Pavilion (fka Lumsden/301), Hillsborough County
149 Vandenburg General Aviation Airport, Hillsborough County
151 Crosstown Center (fka Lake Fair Mall), Hillsborough County
154 Arvida Corporate Park (fka Arvida Park Center) (abandoned), Manatee County
155 Breckenridge, Hillsborough County
156 Largo Mall (fka Largo Collection) (builtout), City of Largo
157 Trinty Communities, Pasco County
158 Tampa Bay Park of Commerce S/D, Pinellas County
159 Eastshore Commerce Park, Hillsborough County
160 North Palmes Village, City of Tampa
161 University Center Research & Development Park, City of Tampa
162 Cross Creek (fka “A New Community”), Hillsborough County
163 Cannon Ranch, Pasco County
166 Wesley Chapel Lakes, Pasco County
168 Boca Bahia Park, Hillsborough County
169 McKendree Ranch (abandoned), Pasco County
170 Westfield Citrus Park Mall (fka Northwest Regional Mall), Hillsborough County
172 Bradenton Marina (expired), City of Bradenton
173 Tower Property (expired), City of Tampa
174 Bay Vista, Pinellas County
176 GATX Terminal Expansion (see GATX Terminal Expansion S/D /DRI #224)
177 Rubin ICOT Center, City of Largo
178 World Mart Center (abandoned), City of Tampa
179 Sheraton Sand Key (expired), City of Clearwater
180 University Business Center, City of Tampa
181 Tri-County Business Park, Hillsborough County
185 River Club (expired), Manatee County
186 Lands End Marina (expired), Hillsborough County
187 OMC Marina at Gulf Landings (withdrawn), Pasco County
188 Walden Woods Business Park, City of Plant City
189 Big Basin Commerce Park, Hillsborough County
190 University Commons, Manatee County
191 Fishhawk Ranch, Hillsborough County
192 Advanced Leasing Mall (denied), Hillsborough County
193 STAR Enterprise (fka Texaco Terminal Expansion) (expired), City of Tampa
194 DG Farms (fka Casperson), Hillsborough County
195 Gateway Areawide, City of St. Petersburg
196 Towermarc/Waters Avenue, Hillsborough County
197 Gregg Business Centre (fka CMI/Plant City), City of Plant City
198 Four Corners Mine S/D, Manatee County
202 Unnamed Exclusive Golf and Country Club, Manatee County
203 Beacon Woods East S/D, Pasco County
204 Tierra Verde Marine Center (expired), Pinellas County
205 Regatta Pointe Marina (expired), City of Palmetto
206 Serenova (abandoned), Pasco County
207 Wolf Creek Branch, Hillsborough County
208 The Crescent (fka Towermarc/301), Hillsborough County
209 Apollo Beach Phases II-IV, Hillsborough County
210 New River, Pasco County
211 Meadow Pointe (fka Trout Creek S/D), Pasco County
212 Hillsborough River Realty, City of Tampa
213 Hillsborough County Mine Consolidation, Hillsborough County
215 Gulf View Square Mall S/D, Pasco County
216 University Lakes, Manatee County
217 Harbour Island, City of Tampa
218 Gateway North, Manatee County
221 Pinellas County Criminal Court Complex FQD, Pinellas County
223 CITGO Tampa Terminal Expansion, City of Tampa
224 GATX Terminal Expansion S/D, City of Tampa
226 Busch Gardens S/D, City of Tampa
227 Fountain Square, City of Tampa
229 Gulf Coast Factory Shops (fka Prime Outlet Shops), Manatee County
230 Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport S/D #1, Manatee & Sarasota Counties & City of Sarasota
231 CF Industries Gypsum Stack, Hillsborough County
232 ABR, City of Tarpon Springs (abandoned)
233 Connerton, Pasco County
235 Four Corners Mine S/D Addition 1, Manatee County
236 Riviera Dunes, City of Palmetto
239 River Club Park of Commerce, Manatee County
240 Heritage Harbour (fka Heritage Sound), Manatee County
241 Harbor Bay (fka Bayside), Hillsborough County
242 Cargill Riverview Facility, Hillsborough County
243 Mitchell Ranch Plaza, Pasco County
244 Cypress Creek, Pasco County
245 Big Bend Transfer Company Sulfur Handling Facility, Hillsborough County
246 Suncoast Crossings, Pasco County
247 Long Lake Ranch, Pasco County
248 Sunlake Centre, Pasco County
249 South Shore Corporate Park, Hillsborough County
250 Independence Park, Tampa
251 Four Corners Mine S/D Addition Phase II (IMC Agrico), Manatee County
251 Four Corners Mine S/D – Altman Tract, Manatee County
252 Cypress Creek Town Center, Pasco County
253 The Grove at Wesley Chapel , Pasco County
254 Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport S/D, Manatee & Sarasota Counties & City of Sarasota
255 Bexley Ranch, Pasco County
256 Schroeder-Manatee Ranch Inc./Northwest Sector, Manatee County
258 Epperson Ranch , Pasco County
259 Lake Hutto, Hillsborough County
260 Wiregrass Ranch, Pasco County
261 Ashley Glen, Pasco County
263 Hillsborough County Mine Consolidation S/D , Hillsborough County
264 Starkey Ranch, Pasco County
265 Lakewood Centre, Manatee County
266 Wolf Creek Branch, Hillsborough County
267 Sunwest Harbourtowne, Pasco County
273 Wingate Creek Mine S/D, Manatee County (rescinded)
407 Beverly Hills-1974, Citrus County (expired)
408 Beverly Hills-1981 (Phase II), Citrus County
409 Clearview Estates, Citrus County
416 Citrus Hills, Citrus County
420 Meadowcrest, Citrus County
422 Betz Farm, Citrus County
423 Rock Crusher Road, Citrus County
425 Crystal River Mall, Citrus County
430 Cross Florida Barge Canal Cruise Ship Dock (Sun Cruz), Citrus County (expired)
510 River Pines, Hernando County (expired)
512 Timber Pines S/D, Hernando County
513 Spring Hill, Hernando County (expired)
514 Holland Spring, Hernando County (expired)
521 Seven Hills, Hernando County (expired)
522 Sunrise, Hernando County
524 Hickory Hill, Hernando County
526 Lake Hideaway, Hernando County
528 Hernando Oaks, Hernando County (withdrawn)
532 Quarry Preserve, Hernando County
549 Oak Sound, Hernando County (abandoned)