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Sarah Vitale, AICP
Principal Urban Designer
(727) 570-5151 ext. 27

 Visualization Toolkit


How do you get others on board with your vision?

There are many ways to envision an idea. Finding the right method can help you to communicate plans more effectively, gain community consensus, and move projects forward.

TBRPC’s visualization services include cost-effective, high-quality 3D models, renders, and animations, from conceptual diagrams to interactive fly-throughs.

Animated and still images can support a variety of planning and community engagement needs:

  • Illustrate physical planning solutions to urban design and policy-based questions
  • Diagram project phasing and planning scenarios with “before and after” visualizations
  • Communicate and test ideas in real-time with stakeholders
  • Visualize flood waters in realistic virtual environments
  • Enhance applications, proposals, and marketing materials


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