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2020 Excellence in Regional Transportation Award Winner!

NADO and RPO America announced the 2020 Excellence in Regional Transportation Award winners. The Excellence Awards recognize noteworthy projects and practices that help meet regional needs through bicycle and pedestrian planning, air quality, equity, [...]

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Ashley Mott
GIS Manager
(727) 570-5151 ext. 70


Technical Assistance

Traditionally, the Council has assisted local governments that have limited staff and/or planning expertise. The RPC is able to provide the technical assistance necessary to either fulfill state planning requirements or assist local governments in local planning efforts. In addition to the traditional areas of technical assistance provided by the Council, new services have been developed to serve local governments, agencies, and communities. These services include the Economic Analysis Program, fiscal impact analysis modeling, meeting facilitation, and related services. Communities or agencies that need an independent analysis or viewpoint of regional or community issues can turn to TBRPC for an independent approach to their research or planning needs.

Since 1988, TBRPC has been a leader in regional geographic information systems (GIS) in the State of Florida. As technology changes rapidly, it is important to keep within reasonable reach of current trends in such areas as mapping, data interchange, graphic output capability, and information distribution. TBRPC has developed custom GIS applications that assist in providing information for technical analyses.

Tasks and activities to support these objectives include but are not limited to: 

  1. Provide technical assistance on an as-needed basis to local governments, regional agencies, businesses and communities.
  2. Maintain the hardware, software, and training necessary to maintain a state of the art GIS Database.


GIS Mapping & Modeling

TBRPC provides mapping and modeling services for various projects concerning the region. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology allows TBRPC to represent the locations of our regional assets on easy-to-read maps and tie location to various datasets, such as demographics, employment, and environmental information. Making the connection between location information and spatial data allows for extensive analysis of specific areas in the Tampa Bay region and beyond.

GIS Mapping & Modeling


Visualization & 3D Design

There are many ways to envision an idea. Finding the right method can help you communicate your plans more effectively, gain community consensus and move your project forward. TBRPC offers a full suite of advanced visualization tools that can provide an interactive experience for your stakeholder groups.

  • Rapid Redesign Exercises
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation
  • Rendering
  • Photo Simulation
Urban Design & 3D Visioning
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