GIS Mapping

Staff Contact:

Marshall Flynn
IT/GIS Manager
Phone: (727)570-5151 ext. 11

Our Systems

Software Systems

Mapping and remote sensing take place under the planning department at the Regional Planning Council. Currently, we are running two major GIS application software - ARC/INFO and Erdas. We have switched operating platforms for ARC/INFO to Windows NT or XP, where previously we were using SUN Sparc (UNIX) for the bulk of major heavy duty GIS processing at TBRPC. The SUN Sparcstation is used for some background crunching no more. It is becoming more commonplace for us to use ArcView for projects involving simpler datasets, however with 3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst, the power and usability of ArcView has increased tremendously. We use the current version of ArcGIS (Arc/INFO) with Spatial Analyst and floating seat licenses. For remote sensing and change detection, we rely on ERDAS Imagine for NT for our processing needs.


Currently, we have one SUN Sparcstation with 64 megs RAM and 4 gigabytes local storage - pretty much a computing dinosaur. One Windows NT server with 80 gigabytes storage serving NFS and Microsoft network access. Three Windows XP workstations with over 256 megs RAM each and 40-80 gigs local storage. All are linked with ethernet 100baseTX. The map output is now sent off or Postscript or PDF files are created. Backup is performed using an external portable hard drive that replaced a Travan 20N tape drive.

Projections & Datum

TBRPC, being a regional entity, relies on data from many sources. Much of this information is federal and also from state agency level. Therefor, the projection we use has to work over multiple jurisdictions. The obvious choice for this agency is Universal Trans Mercator (UTM) and our zone is 17N. The datum we use is NAD83 and is current with the philosophy of almost all agencies in the USA. We converted out NAD27 to 1983 in 1998.


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